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EMS electronic music school

Ableton Live and Producer workshops

... with Kom&Dole and Eltron


Festivals 2011

04.06.2011 - Reisen macht den Kopf frei /Berlin

16.06.2011 - Sonar / Barcelona (ES) - Tresor @ moog club RA Event

01.07.2011 - Sommernachtstraum / Lohsa

06.08.2011 - Nature One / Raketenbasis Pydna

28.08.2011 - Summer Spirit / Niedergörsdorf


Eltron - Video - Channel


Partysan Magazine

(Issue 171 / Sept 2010)

Fotos by Marie Staggat



6 Gigs 06.09. - 10.09.

port01-ibiza Mag: "Within the scope of his international »15 years

Eltron« - Tour Berlin based DJ and producer is

dropping by on Ibiza, too. Before continuing his

journey to Tel Aviv he plays six gigs on the isle..."


Remix Release: Lado on RRR

Lado - If I ran the zoo - Robot Ranch Records (RRR04)

check it out on

-> No. 3: Sales Charts

-> No. 1: Style Charts (Minimal Tech)

Label: Robot Ranch Records


Remix Release on VIM Rec.

VIM.tech56 (Greece)


Host of the Tresor N.E.X.T.

a Rookie-Night


Hosted by Eltron (Festplatten / Lebensfreude Rec.)

live Mentelibre (Colludo Records / Berlin)

Julian Haffner & Mischbar (Normal !s WoAnders / Nürnberg)

Toni Haupt (Telekollegen / Berlin)


- 15 Years DJ Eltron

Party + international DJ-Tour

the party: 13.11.2009 @ Tresor (+4 Bar) / Berlin

the tour 2009 / 2010: Ibiza (ES), Tel Aviv (ISR), Thessaloniki (GR), Milano (IT), Sils (CH) and Germany; SummerSpirit-Festival, Pauken&Trompeten Festival, Hamburg, Nuernberg, Frankfurt, Ulm, Dresden, Köln, Berlin…


SonneMondSterne DJ-Set

download my DJ-Set: Eltron @ 2nd stage(BRB allstars), 9 - 10pm


new interview online


Interview at Partysan-Mag

issue 01/2009 (german)

online magazine + download:


Interview at Line up-mag

issue 12/2008 (german)

check the virtuell issue:


new Release on LF Rec.

Eltron & Ronald Christoph feat. Jake the Rapper


Jurymember at Berlin Sound contest

Jurymember at the DJ- und Liveact Contest


Cover of Freshguide-Mag


Compilation - Release

Track B @ DownBeat Berlin Compilation


Remix - Release

Cristian Paduraru - Shall we dance_Eltron Remix

18.12.2007 Christian Records (Romania)


nice international feedback

Festplatten 36 - Release


Eltron - Interview 2.0

online at


New Release on Festplatten

Eltron - Itsmy Muse EP - Festplatten 36


Eltron - Interview

at AE-Pool


Electric Indigo Mix-CD

Eltron's Track A at "Urban Art Forms" - Sampler

mixed by Electric Indigo and Crazy Sonic


new Release on Rundlauf

Eltron - Track EP - Rundlauf-Musik (RLM003)

A1 TRACK A >> Original

B1 TRACK A >> Smacs & Patrick Kong_RMX


Running forwards, while looking backwards

Eltron’s first work for Rundlauf-Musik is like a home game for him, which he has already won, even before the first revolution of the record has come to an end. TRACK A is the start and as one can tell by the title, one does not get held up by “bits and pieces,” but it gets straight down to business. The clap claps neatly, the bass pumps the blood quicker through the heart and directly into the nervous system, which gives in to the beat and sends the legs a signal to DANCE. The motto is routine in this number. On the one hand is an arrangement that echoes the future and on the other hand a style that gets you thinking about its roots, before it catapults you there.

The B-Side starts with a warm, forceful remix of an opening piece. The guys from Vienna “Smacs & Patrick Kong” have turned this number inside out really well and have managed to create a straightforward, impulsive techno house piece with a new basis, which is not inferior to the original in any way.

The last track is relaxed and melodious, without putting on the pressure or losing sight of the motto. The lead synth has hymn-like characteristics without acting them out, but weaves itself into a place that feels like your mother’s lap. The beats clearly carry Eltron’s signature and so the record conforms like an artist’s picture, whose canvas allows its own style, so that one never knows exactly what the next stroke will look like.

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...they got me


Release-Date Festplatten

07.06.2006 (mp3) - 17.07.2006 (vinyl)

festplatten32 – eltron – wirefall

a wirefall

b1 loadbalancer

b2 patcheraser

as a dj and part of the fetton- / rundlauf gang, eltron has long been no stranger to berlin nightlife. somehow, despite having been spinning records since 1994, "wirefall" is his vinyl debut. but it was worth the wait, since as an experienced dj he knows exactly what he wants: the three tracks, "wirefall", "loadbalancer" and

"patcheraser" share a love for old chicago house, whilst in no way sounding old fashioned. eltron joins with ease this original and honest energy with the state of the art vibe of today's minimal techno. he takes the sterility out of the current clinical minimal sound and gives it back the dirty edge of the old days. and it totally hits the spot... we've heard three of his tracks so far and all of them are already pressed to vinyl!

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